Why Try a Tri?

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If you’re reading this, you’re tri-curious. Maybe you’ve been running a while, but are looking for some variety. Maybe you swam in school and miss the competition. Or maybe you love riding your bike for miles on end, but would like some company. Triathlon can do all of that for you, and while triathlons are still competitions, athletes (even the pros) are incredibly supportive, encouraging and motivating. Triathlons themselves are often weekend events, with a carnival-like atmosphere and family friendly fun.

For your fitness, triathlon training is terrific low-impact cross-training. It’s a great way to modify your training if the pounding of running is starting to bother your joints. By spreading your effort over three disciplines, you’ll minimize getting burned out, will improve flexibility and endurance, and will have found a sport that you’ll enjoy for a lifetime.

What’s more, beginners can see huge improvements in their first couple of seasons, and that’s a big motivational boost! For your first few events, any bike will do, along with a few other items you probably already own, or can borrow. Newbury Park Bike Shop can help with all your bike rental needs! They offer 15% off on all products store-wide to Malibu Triathlon participants.

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Super League Triathlon


Malibu Triathlon will host Super League professional racing as the beautiful Pacific Coast welcomes the world's best triathletes to a spectacular finale of the 2021 Championship Series.

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