Triathlon 101 Tips

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  1. Bring an extra pair of goggles to the race, the pair you have been training with are being worn out and you don’t want them to snap race day and be left without goggles. It is always best to bring an extra brand new pair just in case.
  2. Practice setting up your transition area. A messy transition area can cost you time. Practice setting up your transition area to ensure a smooth transition to and from the bike.
  3. After you practice setting up your transition area, practice the transition itself. Practice getting your wetsuit off and getting into your bike gear and grabbing your bike. Then practice putting your bike gear away and getting into your run.
  4. Incorporate brick workouts into your training sessions. After your swim, go for a bike ride, or after your bike ride, go for a run. Or swim, bike, and run in one training session, this will help you learn how you will feel during the triathlon.
  5. Wear running shoes on the bike portion of the race, one less thing to do in your second transition. Also buy bungee laces so you do not have to tie your shoes, that minute spent tying your shoes could keep you off the podium.
  6. Have two water bottles, one with just water, and one with Gatorade, or another drink with electrolytes. Leave the plain water at your transition area to rinse feet after the swim. And bring the water bottle with the electrolyte drink on the bike portion. You need the electrolytes, plain water will make you bloated, electrolytes will give you usable energy almost instantly

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Sep 30-1 · 2023