Setting Yourself Up For Success

Nauticamalibutri Olympic 2019 22
  • Do some open water swim practice. It’s very different from pool swimming, and new triathletes often have anxiety about the swim.
  • Practice transitions. Check out YouTube for tips and changing to each segment seamlessly. Time spent in transition counts as part of your total race time.
  • Practice going from bike to run. Running directly after cycling feels very strange.
  • Find a club or buddy. Triathlon is better with friends! Do some Googling to find a local club. LA Tri Club is awesome if you are from the LA area!
  • Read the athlete guide once it is posted closer to race date. Every race has one, and every race is different. It’s your responsibility to understand the schedule of events and rules.
  • Walk through swim out to transition, bike out, bike in to run. Before the race, make sure you know where you’ll be entering and exiting the transition area.
Sep 30-1 · 2023