How It All Works on Race Day

Nauticamalibutri Olympic 2016 50

Triathlon involves a fair amount of logistics, planning and packing, but we do our best to make things as simple and smooth as possible.

Checking in/packet pick-up 
Before the race, you’ll need to pick up your race number, swim cap, stickers for your bike and helmet. You’ll be storing your bike (called racking) and gear in a central “transition” area.

You’re going to swim first 
You will start on the beach and head into the ocean once the horn goes off for your specific wave. Most people will be swimming freestyle (or crawl) stroke, but you’re allowed to swim any stroke you like. You’ll be following a course, swimming from one large buoy to the other until you finish back on the beach.

Transition to the bike (T1) 
After you finish the swim course, walk or jog to the transition area to get your bike. You’ll be barefoot, so watch your step! Change into your shoes, fasten on your helmet and walk your bike to the “bike out,” where you’ll be able to start riding after you pass the “mount line.”

Transition to the run (T2) 
You’ll be directed by volunteers to the “bike in,” and instructed when to dismount your bike and walk it back to your spot in the transition area. Ditch your helmet, change to your running shoes (if you used cycling shoes on the bike), fasten on your race number, and head out for the run!

The finish line 
Once you’ve crossed the finish line after the run, you’re done. Time to celebrate! After you’ve refueled and reveled in your awesomeness, you’ll need to head back to the transition area, pack up your gear, and retrieve your bike.

Sep 30-1 · 2023