For 34 years, The Malibu Triathlon has welcomed athletes to race on one of the most beautiful triathlon courses in the country while raising significant funds for Children’s Hospital Los Angeles. We are sharing the following updates to our event operations to provide insight into some of the changes you can expect to see as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and our ongoing planning with both state and local authorities.

The safety and well-being of athletes, volunteers, and staff at the Malibu Triathlon has always been our top priority. We are working with the County and City to meet all restrictions in place and hope to have the event while understanding that rescheduling is a possibility as well. The adjustments we’re making are designed to provide a safe environment for everyone involved in our triathlon, and will be updated over time to remain consistent with local circumstance and ultimately in compliance with federal, state, and local authorities. We appreciate your continued patience as we work to determine the safest path forward, and your cooperation to follow these revised guidelines to help ensure the safety of yourself and all race participants. 



  • All athletes, staff, and volunteers should stay home if they feel sick, test positive or come in close contact with someone who has recently tested positive for COVID-19, and contact their medical provider to receive clearance to attend the event. 
  • Athletes, staff, and volunteers should expect additional screening measures including health questionnaires prior to the event and temperature checks upon arrival to determine their ability to participate. 
  • Changes to the event’s infrastructure and schedule will be implemented to encourage social distancing at all stages of the event including packet pickup, start & finish lines, transition areas, aid stations, and on the course.
  • Face masks may be required at certain times and locations per the direction of local authorities. 
  • Staff and volunteers will be provided with the appropriate PPE for their role. Masks will be available for staff and if their role requires them, gloves. Additional staff and volunteer training will be provided as it relates to health, hygiene and safety. 
  • There may be restrictions and changes for spectators, viewing areas, and at the expo.
  • Additional hand washing, sanitation stations, and toilets will be available and routinely cleaned.
  • Additional routine cleanings of high-touch areas as well as the Transition Area will be implemented.


  • Athletes should anticipate and review ongoing race weekend communications on all Malibu Triathlon platforms including emails,, and social channels for the most up to date policies as they relate to COVID-19. 
  • Athletes should thoroughly review the athlete guides when they are released to familiarize themselves with the course maps, aid station locations and supplies to better prepare for the event and be as self-sufficient as possible.
  • Athletes should make thorough arrival, departure, and family reunification plans prior to race weekend. 
  • It is recommended to plan ahead and pack your gear thoroughly for the event, carry as much of your own nutrition and hydration as possible and have the skills to fix minor bike problems and flats independently. Giant Bicycles will provide on course support for any issues you can’t handle on your own. Hydration packs and reservoirs are permitted in the USA Triathlon Competitive rules.
  • Pre-race briefings may be virtual and presented prior to race weekend to avoid a gathering on race mornings.
  • It is recommended that athletes attend our Merrill Lynch Swim Clinics (If they are held) and be comfortable with ocean swimming conditions prior to race day. Swim clinic details are available at 


  • Overall:
    • Expanded venue spacing and signage to promote physical distancing. Please note that some safety measures may increase wait times. 
    • Packet pickup may be adjusted including mailing or distributing the packets prior to race weekend. 
    • Efforts to reduce the amount of physical interaction between participants, volunteers, and staff at all touchpoints on race weekend. 
    • Additional cleanings, hand washing stations, hand sanitizer, restrooms, and waste receptacles.
    • Expect aid stations to be primarily self serve with fewer volunteers.
    • Masks may be required (and are recommended) during arrival and departure. There may be mask requirements on the Bike and Run courses pending local regulations.
  • Arrival and Transition Area
    • Adjustments will be made to the arrival flow, including security, access points, and health screening.
    • Additional spacing between bikes will be made within the Transition Area.
    • Self-body marking may be required and is encouraged to promote physical distancing. 
    • Relay team procedures are being evaluated and there may be changes to exchange zones to minimize touchpoints.  
  • Start and Swim Course
    • Corral spacing will be maximized to allow physical distancing.
    • Wave size, start procedures, and time between waves may be adjusted to decrease congestion on the courses.
  • Bike Course
    • Athletes must follow all bike course signage, allow ample space for passing and falling back. Draft rules will be strictly enforced – especially at designated no-pass zones to avoid congestion. 
    • Athletes should be prepared with proper nutrition, hydration, as well as the tools and knowledge to fix flats or minor repairs independently. 
    • Masks may be required on the Bike Course pending local regulations. 
  • Run Course
    • Athletes should make an effort to maintain 6 feet of distance from other racers as well as exercise caution at pinch points and turn around areas. 
    • Masks may be required on the Run Course pending local regulations.
  • Finish, Post Race, and awards
    • Finish line flow will be altered to promote physical distancing, maximum throughout and mitigate person-to-person contact. This will include processes that reduce interactions at timing chip return, medal distribution, and post race nutrition and hydration. 
    • Medical personnel will still be at the finish line to support athletes if needed. 
    • Athletes will be encouraged to move quickly through the finish line. Gathering near or waiting in the finish chute will not be allowed. 
    • Flow for gear pickup and athlete exit may have additional measures and timeframe restrictions. 
    • Expo partners and vendors will be expected to follow the same cleaning, PPE, and distancing practices as the event.